About Us


We moved to Magoebaskloof over twenty years ago and built the house ourselves and planted the avocado trees on the lower slopes of the mountains. We built a stables and had many years of fun with horses but when we sold them we decided to convert the building into somewhere that others could share the fun of living here. So now we can welcome you to enjoy the beauty with us…

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These are the people that make it all happen!

Wilhemina Sehoana

Wilhemina is the dynamo who cleans and polishes until everything shines and will not accept second best.

Jerry Makwela

Jerry is the right hand man on the farm, who fixes everything from water problems to noticing if one of the dogs is limping or not well, or if there is a worm potentially attacking the herbs. He is very helpful and friendly.

Josephine Mtileni

Josephine is in charge of the herbs and knows exactly what is growing where and how much we can pick.

Queen Letsoalo

Queen does herbs, cleaning the cottages and helping all round.

Lawrence Mathekga

Lawrence is a busy gardener as everything grows all year round here in Magoebaskloof so he never gets a break, but always has a happy smile

Shephen Manyane

Stephen is the official driver and works at the workshop making the wonderful furniture for the accommodations.